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Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Works for Every Industry

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Tried by many, mastered by few, Pay Per Click is one of the fastest and most sustainable routes to success for any business. No matter the industry, Pay Per Click can be a strong source of leads for three reasons. If you’re still debating PPC as an option for your business, we hope this post sways you in the right direct.

Intent based paid search

Pay Per Click advertising offers an advantage most forms of digital marketing do not, control over your impressions. With correctly structured PPC accounts, businesses can dictate which search queries their ad appears for, filtering out non relevant searches that organic search may not be able to do.

Not only can Pay Per Click advertising filter out non-relevant searches, but also allows you to bid higher on bottom of the funnel intent. With PPC, you can bid more aggressively on decision based searches.

Protecting your brand with PPC

It’s a dog eat dog world and your competitors are trying to steal your doggy biscuits. If you’ve worked hard to create brand awareness, than you’ve created branded searches for your business. The fact is, if you’re not protecting those searches by bidding on them, then your competitor is. Which means, your competitors are profiting off of your hard work.

PPC is the name of the game

It’s no secret, businesses are spending a majority of their annual marketing budgets on digital marketing. The PPC industry is a major source of revenue for giants such as Facebook and Google. Because of the competitiveness between channels, more and more real estate is being given to paid ads. Organic listensings will always be relevant, but Google will continue giving priority to those who pay to play.


Here’s a great visual by our friends at Social Media Today on the industries spending the most on Paid Media in 2017. Infographic courtesy of Social Media Today. 


PPC Trends and Statistics from Social Media Today

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