Digital marketing is for every profession, even contractors. If you’re reading this, and you already know you’re behind, then hurry. The digital marketing bug got a hold of the contracting industry in a big way. Today, most search results are dominated by companies like Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Home Depot, Thumbtack, Buildzoom… Should I continue?

The good news for you is that the digital marketing industry is also dominated by quality, not quantity. Meaning large companies can’t just run over the little guys with bigger budgets. The bottom line is that vendors within every digital channel have more incentive to get paid less and provide a better experience, rather than get paid more and provide users a bad experience.

Why? Because with billions of searches happening everyday, providing a better experience to our prospects assures repeat business. You know what they say, a fast nickel beats a slow dime. So there’s still time for you to build a solid digital foundation. The questions is, where do you start?

In this post, we’ll cover the right digital marketing strategy for contractors. Whether you’re a small family owned shop, or bordering on enterprise, these basic fundamentals are essential to taking the next step.

#1. Technical SEO

Assuming you have a professionally designed website, it’s important that Google knows how to use it. Picture your website as a book. If a user can read through it with ease, then you really have nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if your website is riddled with grammatical mistakes, there are blank pages serving no purpose, the index incorrectly identifies each chapter and the summary completely misidentifies the entire book, then Google will refrain from using it. As you can imagine, even one of these things being wrong is a major red flag for a book, as well as your website.

#2. Content Marketing

You want clients to identify your brand as a resource. Simply put, if your developing and promoting quality content on your website, then you’re good to go. That content is not only available for them to read, educate themselves and address their outstanding concerns, but it’s also there for Google to crawl and index.

Content marketing is an art and a science. Finding the right balance of trending inquiries and creative execution is the key to crafting usable, relevant content. If you’re not sure where to find that data, or how to produce that content, give us a call. We’ll hook you up with a free keyword map of relevant topics, based of market research, to start your content development.

#3. Paid Media for Contractors

Content marketing and search engine optimization take time. You’ll be waiting at least 3-6 months before real traffic comes knocking at your door. Expedite your content awareness with Paid Media, it’s well worth it.

Even if you’ve already accumulated a good amount of organic traffic, the bottom line is you have to pay to play in today’s digital marketing world. Facebook, Google, Amazon and the other tech giants around the globe are in a major cyber war right now. A war for your advertising dollars.

This war, like any competition, has forced all participants to be better. Better at advertising, algorithms, ad spend, targeting, etc… you get the point. They’re trying hard to win you over with results. Take advantage of the digital marketing war by advertising on some of the most efficient Paid Media channels.

We’re digital marketers at Glacier Code. But… if we were contractors… We would recommend diving into the sophisticated algorithm of Facebook, where you can segment by GEO, device, gender, interest and job titles. In other words, you can put an advertisement right in front of a homeowner, in Tennessee, who is a doctor and is interested in home renovations. How bout’ them apples!

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