In Arizona, attorney marketing presents a unique array of challenges. Attorneys face an oversaturated market and aggressive advertising strategies dominating radio waves, television ads and social media profiles.

While lead generation for attorneys has become more complex, there are a collection of digital marketing methods that allow attorneys to concentrate on a target audience. Thus, allowing them to optimize their marketing cost and increase their overall quality of leads.

In this article, we’ll discuss three different marketing approaches that attorneys in Arizona can exploit to get out ahead of the competition. Let’s explore the many benefits of audio ads, GEO fencing and YouTube advertising.

Programmatic Audio Ads

What Are Audio Ads?

Audio ads are automated advertising that is embedded into audio content such as podcasts, digital radio, and streaming music.

For example, you might hear an attorney’s advertisement in the midst of a podcast or while tuning in to your favorite streaming music. This is known as programmatic audio advertising.

Audio ads are distributed via a software platform and transmission is automated, which means you can run your ads across many players and channels without having to make adjustments more than once.

Why Use Audio Ads?

Did you know that more than a third of prospective clients start their search for an attorney online? For attorneys, there are a few digital advertising channels that offer a return on investment (ROI). Programmatic audio ads produce another avenue to engage your ideal clients and reach them where they are already consuming content. Even better, audio ads can be hyper targeted by location, device, time of day and more.

Advertising on audio is a channel that can compliment your other digital marketing strategies, which means you can increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing budget. Plus, if done accurately, you’ll be able to get past spam filters that negatively impact performance on social media and email.

While traditional radio advertising can be fairly expensive, programmatic audio allows attorneys to target local consumers through their computers. Audio ads play over platforms like Spotify, generally keeping the users’ attention throughout the entire ad. This allows attorneys to adequately target local consumers and pitch all their value propositions over one ad.

If you have a buyer persona that you want to engage with more, consider your elevator pitch to that prospect. How would you voice your brand to them? In all likelihood, our targeting capabilities can get in front of that same demographic with that ideal message.

While this strategy is generally underutilized, it is remarkably effective at engaging attorney leads. When compared to conventional radio broadcasts and multi media campaigns, digital audio ads outperform other forms of advertising such as direct mailers, television adds or even billboard advertising.

Why Are Audio Ads Effective?

When compared to alternative forms of advertising, audio ads can provide a significant ROI. Why? Because they are distributed via automation and can be targeted closely to the ideal prospects.

On top of targeting your ideal clients with precision, audio also provides some benefits that traditional marketing cannot. For example, audio ads can be placed locally without having to worry about the prospect being at work or sleeping.

As stated before, these ads get around spam filters by playing over streaming media or digital radio which minimizes ad blocking software and allows you to maximize your budget. With a strong ROI, minimal cost of entry and low-risk factor, many attorneys see very substantial results from audio ads.

How Do I Get Started With Audio Ads?

While the advertising world continues to evolve, it’s important that attorneys adapt their approach to marketing and stay ahead of the curve. Many attorneys struggle with getting a grasp on new technologies and how they can be used as a marketing tool.

An excellent way to start is by investing in an online program that can help attorneys become better educated about modern technologies and how they might be used as a marketing channel.

Look for firms that offer comprehensive plans where you can access all of your leads on one platform, manage your billing cycles, and find out about current technologies. This type of plan can offer you a comprehensive suite of services that can make running your firm much more profitable and effective.

For those who don’t want to make a considerable investment, we offer free strategies where attorneys learn about the opportunities applicable to them within the digital space. We take each prospect through a step-by-step process that teaches them about the digital advertising industry and how they can leverage it as a marketing tool for their firm.

GEO Fencing With Targeted Ads

What is GEO Fencing?

GEO fencing refers to taking an exact radius around a specific location and placing ads within that radius. For example, with advanced digital marketing tools, attorneys can run ads in major cities, zip codes or even precise building locations.

Why Use GEO Fencing?

GEO fencing allows attorneys to employ an active marketing strategy through highly customized online ads. These custom online ads are remarkably effective for different law firms. Using GEO fencing and targeted advertising, attorneys can increase the quality of their leads from the search engines above 90%.

This is a more efficient process that allows you to focus in on your ideal prospects and shows the consumer exactly what they are looking for. For example, a real estate attorney might consider GEO fencing local Realtor offices and serving video ads that precisely target their needs. This focused approach assures only those who would work with the attorney are actually being engaged.

Why Is GEO Fencing Effective?

When compared to traditional forms of digital ad marketing, GEO fencing is one of the most powerful strategies around. It allows attorneys to pinpoint their audience and gives them a very specific measurement on the ROI for each campaign.

For law firms with only a few locations, some would argue this strategy is crucial, as they don’t have the resources for a broader approach.

How To Get Started GEO Fencing?

Attorney’s looking to implement GEO fencing into their marketing strategy can begin by signing up with an online platform that offers this service. There are many platforms that offer this service and attorneys should do their research in order to find one that fits their needs.

Another way to begin is by finding an online ad service that offers this feature, but will provide lawyers with targeted advertising on various platforms. This can give attorney’s the hands-on approach they need to manage their own GEO fencing campaigns and see results right away.

In today’s digital world it is crucial for Arizona attorneys to invest in marketing strategies they can customize and target their ideal prospects. By focusing on GEO fencing with customized online ads.

In Arizona, attorneys can get started with geo fencing and targeted ads by contacting us directly. We offer free consultations where attorneys learn about their options and see how they can incorporate these strategies to increase revenue and decrease the cost per acquisition for their firm.

YouTube Advertising For Attorneys

YouTube is one of the largest media engines for attorney’s and their clients. YouTube advertising gives law offices a platform to show off their legal expertise, educate consumers and share success stories with potential leads through a video format. With very low minimum spends on ads that can run up to sixty seconds, attorneys can reach thousands of local consumers with their message.

Video is difficult to make. With less competition, YouTube offers highly competitive cost per impressions that attorneys should take advantage of.

Attorneys can get started by deciding on a video marketing strategy to focus on, whether it be for branding or lead generation. From there, attorneys will need to determine their budget per month and what they will spend. Arizona attorneys should take advantage of YouTube advertising as it allows them to reach thousands of local Arizona consumers with little effort.

Attorneys who don’t have the resources to produce videos for YouTube may want to consider a service that allows them to scale up their marketing efforts tremendously. With a platform like ours, Arizona attorneys can engage in video advertising immediately by having us produce and post the videos for them.

Want To Learn More About Arizona Attorney Marketing Programs?

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