If you’re shopping for PPC, or just looking to learn a thing or two, you probably realized everyone and their mother offers a free PPC audit. Why? It’s the best way to offer a high quality, free value that starts a good conversation. We believe in free PPC audits and you should too, especially if you’re in need of some Paid Media assistance.

Yet, not all PPC audits are created equal. We used to do something similar to most other digital marketing agencies. Unfortunately, a slideshow with high level insights doesn’t do anyone any favors. To pull true value out of your PPC account, you have to know how to dive deep into Google Ads and create targeting based off of user behavior.

Face to Face PPC Audits

With the over saturated PPC market, we’ve shifted our approach and are focusing solely on educating our prospective clients.

Contact us today for your in person PPC Audit. We’ll walk through your account with you so that you can see the same opportunities we see.

What you’ll get:

  1. A true understanding of your campaign structure and opportunities.
  2. A look at wasted spend we can fix immediately.
  3. Keyword best practices and bidding strategies.

What you will not get:

  1. Any dumb slides or one sheets you’ll store away for… um… never!
  2. A hard sales pitch! We are also interviewing you to see if we’re a good match. We don’t take every client.
  3. A one size fits all approach. We’ll see if your targeting and strategy are correct for your industry.