Strategic planning when determining how to announce a new website on the internet is a must. Obviously social media will be dispatched, but which platforms? Twitter or Facebook? Instagram or YouTube? Will guest blogging be used? What about social media ads?

There are many tactics to take advantage of when figuring out how to announce a new website.

But an internet marketer must be diligent with these tactics. A new website will not get a top Google ranking overnight. Determining how to announce a new website involves routine posting, blogging, networking, and more. But knowing what work to do and which strategies to use when figuring out how to announce a new website to search engines is paramount. Let’s review 10 now:

1. Offer a Great Product

When figuring out how to announce a new website, give-a-ways, discounts, and other offers are effective in reeling in traffic. But what if there is no product to give?

Easy. Create an incredible how-to guide that caters to readers. For example, if the website deals with parenting, offer an “ultimate guide” to preparing for a new baby. If it’s an internet marketing website, create a free “How-To For Creating Successful Social Media Ads That Convert” on the site to generate traffic.

TIP: Keep the guide on the site to keep the audience coming back to the site and share it. This, in turn, increases its relevancy on search engines.

TIP #2: Set up a CTA (call to action) at the end of the guide for readers to sign up for the email list.

2. Have Viral Content Ready For Publishing

How does an internet marketer determine what content will be viral when figuring out how to announce a new website? It’s simple: look at the popular content of competitors and create content that goes further than theirs did.

For example, if a new finance website wants to determine what content their audience will like, they may want to look at the most shared content on finance sites or study what finance content has been published lately on sites like Forbes and The New York Times.

Figuring out how to announce a new website will involve some strategic finesse when it comes to
following trends.

Luckily, it’s a simple and effective tactic.

3. Build Relationships

A wise internet marketer will follow influencers whose brains they can pick.

When crafting a launch to announce a new website, there are many ways to reach influencers and the
target audience.

Create a survey

Asking current followers (or friends) what type of content they want to read in the respective niche. Is the website about finance? Ask questions that get answers about travel credit cards, paying for college, first time home owners, etc.

TIP: Collect emails in this survey for the website’s email list.

Invite friends, family, current followers

When learning how to announce a new website, the followers and traffic may be lagging. So, tell friends and family about it.

Reach out to influencers

These influencers may have podcasts and online chats with their audience. Be a participant in these events.

Guest Posts on larger websites

Pitch ideas to larger websites in the same niche with links back your website in your post.

TIP: Make sure to include a link to the new website in the signature.

4. Create Regular Content

A new website needs trending, fresh, routine content. New content also allows for more SEO utilizing, allowing Google and Bing to index the site in search results faster.

5. Use Social Media Ads

When determining how to announce a new website, one thinks about advertising.

And for good reason: 80-95% of social advertisers use social media ads (specifically Facebook) for their business. With 2 billion active users on Facebook, it would be crazy not to take advantage of that. Plus, ads can quickly sell a product or service which, in turns, generates traffic to a new website.

TIP: Ads are an effective way to build an email list, too.

6. Know What The Ideal Audience Talks About

Blog comments, reddit trends, and comments on social media posts hold a wealth of marketing info. When planning how to announce a new website, find out the ideal customer’s pain points from these forums and create content around these themes.

7. Create Videos

The second most visited website in the world is YouTube (the first is Google).

Why? Because YouTube provides videos to build a house, build a car, start a business, breastfeed a baby, or plant a tree. It’s a powerful tool when determining how to announce a new website to the world. Video marketing provides immediate demonstrations for virtually anything. And that’s what customers want: quick answers to their problems.

8. Is The Website Ready For Business?

Does the site look professional? Has content been spelled checked? Is the website in compliance with internet regulations? Many new internet marketers make the mistake in thinking their website can look ho-hum and still generate massive traffic.

A new website is usually the first impression of a business. Make it good!

9. Face to Face Conferences

Don’t forget networking opportunities at conferences.

Networking conferences are great ways to find out trends in a niche and find out who major players are. It’s an excellent time to chat it up with millionaires in the same niche and pick their brains about tips invaluable to a new internet marketer.

10. Consider Starting Local

Consider using SEO in local communities when determining how to announce a new website. If the new website is for a marketing business in Charlotte, design SEO keywords targeting people in that city. For example, a good search engine keyword like “best marketing companies in charlotte” produces over 51 million Google results.

When figuring out how to announce a new website, it’s a lot of work but it’s not impossible.

And with routine execution of these tactics will come an increase in website traffic, more email list sign ups and, of course, more sales. A new website will find its place in the crowded internet world in no time.

Got some tips about how to announce a new website not listed here? Share them below!